Coffee Talk Monday #54

Jan 23, 2012

Our heat is broken and seeing as though we live in the hottest state in the country, I figure, why fix it? However, this morning it was 59 degrees in the house. FIFTY NINE! That’s cold, people! But being the cheap/stubborn girl that I am, I’m determined to make it through this winter without the heat. Is it a bad sign that I can’t really feel my fingers anymore as I type? ;)

Whenever we go out to eat, particularly to a new place, without fail I end up eating off of Joe’s plate. We went to this fancy steakhouse for our anniversary last year and we ordered the same meal. Sort of. He got his steak medium rare. I ordered mine medium. He got his with fries while I substituted for mashed potatoes. He ordered the chocolate ice cream. I ordered the carmel. He advised me to order it his way, but I didn’t listen (go figure). Unfortunately, he was right. My steak was dry, the mashed potatoes were not very good and the carmel ice cream was too sweet. Thankfully I have a hubby that is willing to share with me. After, of course, I openly admit that I was wrong :).

I need more excuses to get out of my pjs. Right now, I only HAVE to change into non-pj clothes when I a. go to the gym (which let’s be honest, gym clothes are just one step up from pjs anyway) b. meet with a client/friend or c. go to church. My ‘work attire’ would definitely make for a good ‘What Not to Wear’ episode, that’s for sure!

Hope you have a Happy Monday! Enjoy the Bachelor tonight…I know I will!

xo stacy kokes



  1. Jillian Tree says:

    PJ’s are def a regular for me as well ;)

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