Coffee Talk Monday #58

Mar 5, 2012

Happy Monday my dears! Gosh, this week went by quickly for me. Time flies when you’re having fun :).

My dad has been hard at work all week long! All three window are in, the new drywall is up, and it looks like we’ll be able to do our first coat of primer and paint today. Woo hoo! And that means it’s almost time to do the fun stuff…the decorating! However, we’re doing this update on a super tight budget, so the pinterest addict in me is going to have to be patient. :)

Oh the irony. We spent two months carefully growing, fertilizing and protecting our new lawn to keep it looking pristine when my parents come, only to have the dogs dig it up while my parents are here. Twice. Last night was the more ‘impressive’ of the two. Let me paint you a picture of the set up first. One side of the house is the ‘dog run’ area. It’s the not-so-pretty, full of rocks and doggie do-do area that the dogs have access to from their doggie door. At the end of the dog run area is a fabric pool fence that keeps them away from all of the pretty areas of the yard. We thought we had a great little set up! But when we came home from church yesterday and Faith ran inside to greet us with muddy paws, I knew that something was NOT right. Sure enough, they had chewed through the fence, broke free and dug up their favorite grass patch. So needless to say, we have some fixes to do before you get to see our ‘after’ pics!

Now let’s check out what’s coming soon to the blog: our Vegas trip post, the Raml Wedding and HOPEFULLY the finished/fixed back yard

Keep visiting! I LOVE having coffee with you :)

xo stacy kokes

here’s the escape route and the damage…

at least they both look sorry :)



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