Coffee Talk Monday #63

Apr 23, 2012

 It’s that awkward moment when you’re laying in the grass post-workout and realize that the shorts you are wearing (and just wore to the gym) have a hole right on the butt cheek. True story. These are the things that happen to me! Right after that I decided that a somersault might make me feel better(which it did, btw) except that I landed right in a mud puddle. My once hole-in-the-cheek shorts were now hole-in-the-cheek/wet-muddy-butt shorts. #fail!

A very sad thing happened today. We have this blender. We call it the ‘cement mixer’ because this thing crushes anything! It has two modes ‘on’ and ‘off’. We’ve had some crappy blenders over the years, so when we got this one, we were both stoked  (yes, I realize that we are lame to love a blender!). Anyways, today as I was unloading the dishwasher and putting dishes away, my elbow knocked the ‘cement mixer’ off of the counter, onto the floor, and SMASH! The cement mixer shattered into a billion pieces. As I swept the broken pieces into the dust pan, I reflected on the many ‘cement mixer’ memories. The delicious green smoothies that came from it. The loud obnoxious noise it made. Oh cement mixer, you will be missed!!! ;)

This weekend was filled with heat, a wedding and guacamole. Clearly, it was AWESOME!!! xo stacy



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  1. candice says:

    Sorry to hear about your blender! What is in that picture? It looks delish! If you made it will you share the recipe? :)

you said:

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