Coffee Talk Monday #64

May 7, 2012

It’s that awkward moment when you’re walking hand and hand with your hubby and realize you just exclaimed “I’m not cheating!” while passing busy restaurants with several onlookers. Let me explain :).¬†Joe + I just started the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover about a month ago. I can’t tell you how much we are LOVING it and the progress we are making in becoming debt free. One of the first things we needed to do was make a budget. A very strict budget. While making our budget we decided that we each would get x amount per month ‘play money’. To make things more interesting, we often poke fun at each other challenging one another to see who can spend less. Yea, we’re dorks. I get it! Anyways, as we were leaving happy hour on Friday Joe jokingly accused me of ‘cheating’ on our budget which I then responded quite loudly with ‘I’m not cheating!!’. We both immediately realized how awkward that could be if taken out of context! Leave it to me to embarrass up in public. :)

I’m embarrassed. I never thought of us as complete nerds. Borderline nerds, sure, but we never wanted to cross the line into ‘complete nerd’ status. We got awfully close to crossing the line during the 6 seasons of LOST (which I still consider the BEST show of all time btw). But a few weeks ago, I’m afraid that line was crossed and we are now officially complete nerds. Are you ready for this? We started watching Battlestar Galactica. And we LOVE it! Oh dear heavens, what is happening to us?!

I have a new BFF: ACV. That’s Apple Cider Vinegar for all of you aren’t as close with ACV as I am ;). A few days ago I got on a clean eating kick and now I am sprinkling ACV anywhere I can. On broccoli. In my water. In quinoa. In Joe’s water (shhhh don’t tell him!). I was worried that I might not like the taste, but now I’m kind of obsessed. A glass of water with 2 tsp of ACV, a dash of cinnamon, squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of stevia. Mmmmm mmm mmm! Guess that must be my Exercise and Wellness degree bringing itself to the surface!



  1. I LOVE Apple Cider Vinegar too! Smells a little funky but it’s really great stuff. I mix it with my powder face mask and it’s amazing (!!

    I’m going to try the water combo you suggested…sounds interesting! :)


  2. Jen says:

    Christina, I do that too with a clay mask and it’s so much better than plain water – it fizzes and feel so much nicer! Stacy, I’m hip to the ACV. I mainly use it now added to water to clean produce, for soaking grains and beans, in dressing, and as the 2nd half of my dread cleansing. Your drink recipe sounds tempting – never had good results with it in water with honey. Gag. Girls hate it – they say it smells like feet (which it does).
    Battlestar Gallactica – YIKES!

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