Coffee Talk Monday #67

Jun 11, 2012

Happy Monday everyone!

I had a FANTASTIC weekend! How about you?

For 14 weeks, Joe has been waking up bright n’ early Tuesday mornings for a 5:30am Bible Bootcamp class. Friday night was a bowling graduation party/ceremony where they handed out ‘diplomas’ and announced the class valedictorian. I’m so proud to say that my hubby took the crown! Smarty pants :). I also gave him something to be proud of me for when I bowled a whopping 115. What! What!

Saturday kicked off my ‘birthday weekend extravaganza!’ Joe spoiled me all weekend and I was A-okay with that! We started off with a lovely NCounter lunch followed by (be still my heart) a Target shopping spree! Eeeeeeekkkk. He sure knows the way to my heart :). I got dolled up in one of my new cutie cute dresses and we headed to Old Town Scottsdale for a romantic stroll, some fantastic dinner and of course, some Yogurtland. As if that wasn’t already enough, we finished the night at the top of South Mountain overlooking the city and then slow danced in an abandoned building. Scene from a romantic movie? Yes, it certainly felt like one!

Yesterday we spent the morning at the park relaxing and praying together, followed by lunch at Joe’s Farm Grill and a homemade birthday cake from my love.

It was a GREAT weekend!

xo stacy kokes



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  1. Kristi Kokes says:

    Love that son of mine and so proud of the fact that he baked you a cake, but that frosting is really scary!

  2. Stacy Kokes says:

    Haha it looks worse in the photo than it actually looked in real life. But I will admit, the aesthetic rating was not it’s strong suit!

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