Coffee Talk Monday #69

Jul 2, 2012

Happy Monday my friends!

I am a busy little bee today getting the house cleaned up and stocked up before I leave for WI tomorrow. Poor Joe will be rolling solo and since he hasn’t had to grocery shop, cook or clean for almost 4 years, it should be an interesting 11 days for him! I will miss him and the dogs greatly, but I am excited to get out of this heat. At least I was, until I talked to my mom today who said it’s supposed to be 97 and humid in WI tomorrow. Ewwww city! Either way, I can’t wait to have a change of scenery to photograph and visit with awesome family and friends.

What am I looking forward to the most while I’m there? Well, I’m glad you asked ;). I am looking forward to having family photos taken of MY family!! Yes, my 5 siblings, their spouses, my 12 nieces and nephews and my parents are ALL getting together for a big family session. I can’t hold back my excitement. We haven’t had family photos done like….ever (unless JCPenney or mom’s camera counts). My sister-in-law Emily and I are going to tag team the shoot so that I can be in some photos and she can be in some photos. I can’t wait for the crazy chaos that is sure to ensue!!

Our a/c went out last week. On one of the HOTTEST days of 2012! We needed a whole new unit which wasn’t going to be installed until the next day which left us with two options: a. sleep in our 93 degree house or b. sleep at a friend’s 75 degree house. Can you guess which one ‘we’ picked? A all the way! Okay, I say we, when clearly I had nothing to do with it. But Joe said and I quote, “It will be an adventure!”. And since I’m not a dream killer, I decided to give Joe the adventure he was seeking. We set up ‘camp’ in our living room, him and the dogs on the floor, me on the couch. With wet tshirt ‘blankets’ and fans blowing directly on us we had our ‘No A/C Living Room Sleeping Extravaganza!’. And you know what? It was an adventure. One that I will remember probably a lot more so than if I would have choose my option B like I had wanted. :) I am happy to report that the new a/c unit is working like a charm and keeping me cool at night!

Hope you all have an amazing fourth! And Happy Monday. Next week I’ll be reporting to you from the lovely WI. Can’t wait :)

xo, Stacy



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