Coffee Talk Monday #7 (2014)

Mar 24, 2014

Happy Monday! Oh and Happy Spring too! I am totally feeling the springtime mood with this beautiful weather, budding trees and chirping birds. Ohhhh how I love spring in Arizona!

With this amazing weather comes out of town visitors and boy have we been having fun! My parents have been here with us for a little over 3 weeks now and we have been having so much fun. Then sandwiched in the middle of their stay, my sister and her family came to stay with us as well. It was Hotel Kokes around here for awhile! We converted my office into “the photography suite” for that week :). What fun we had! Our lives have consisted of eating great food, enjoying the sunshine and laughing in a way only family can together. What a true blessing my family is to us. We will be sad to see “Grandma+Grandpa” (aka my parents) leave tomorrow. Then Bella will have to get used to hanging out with boring ole’ Mommy all day again. Poor girl ;).

We officially have ALL NEW windows in our house! Okay, I’m not sure when this kinda thing became exciting for me, but it is. Humor me, k?! We live in a late 70s home that when we moved in, had all original windows. Little by little, my dad has been replacing them with dual pane, efficient windows and just finished replacing the last two on this trip. It may seem like a small change to some, but slowly but surely we are turning this house into a home. And there is something so special about that!

We took Bella to the zoo for the first time this past weekend. This girl LOVES animals, so we were expecting this to be a beloved trip for her. But we were mistaken! She couldn’t have cared less about the animals. She just wanted to climb on rocks and try to steal other kids Cheetos lol! I mean I can’t blame her. Rock climbing is super fun and Cheetos are classic. I get it ;).

Happy Monday from all of us at SKP!




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