Coffee Talk Monday #7: Remodel Edition

Feb 15, 2011

4 weeks. 3 rooms. 2 parents. Small budget. That’s what we’ve had to work with for the Kokes 2011 Bedrooms Remodel. It’s been fun, exciting, stressful and amazing all at the same time. It’s 11:04pm and I’m finally getting this Coffee Talk Monday up! I know many of you have been asking, so I thought I would dedicate this entire CTM to the remodel. Here you will see “the Man Cave with a pinch of wifeiness”, “my parents’ Southwest guest room” and our “DIY Shabby Chic Master Bedroom”. I’ve included quite a few photos for you to enjoy as well as some fun facts of the process. Are you ready? Welcome to our home…

What was once our guest room is now “the Man cave”. I apologize for not having an actual “before” photo so I’ll just have to paint the picture for you. Old carpet. Weird paint job: 2 adjoining walls were gold, the other two white. Ugly closet doors. Yuck! We painted the room a perfect shade of green (Crocodile Tears), put in cherry laminate floors, new moulding, “framed” the window, and put in new closet doors.

Here it is right before the moulding was put in.

And here is the new + improved Man Cave!

Joe had to have his two man crushes Brett + Bo.

And I had to bring in a little bit of “wifey” with some of my books…

…and my willow tree angels ;)

We transformed what was once “the Mancave” into the new guest room (aka “my parents’ room”). Let me just say that this room was in POOR shape. The carpet was gross, the color was gross, and overall…it was gross! I could not wait to get this room transformed and I’m sure my parents were feeling the same way.

Below is the before picture with some of the furniture already moved out. Gross, right?

My mom is all about orange. She adores it. So, it didn’t take us too long to choose this gorgeous “Toasted Coconut” color. Right away it brought so much life and light to the room.

My Dad constructed this headboard to go along with the sweet southwest windows I found from Hobby Lobby.

Loving it already!

We had the hardest time choosing bedding. We wanted something simple, but not too simple. Neutral but not too neutral. We finally found this great off-white embellished bedding from Home Goods.

Sigh. Just the right look.

This valence was the missing piece we were waiting for. It’s actually a table runner from Pier 1 that my mom converted into valence. It brought together our orange + turquoise southwest look perfectly.

Little bursts of color on the wall make me so happy!

The flower painting was one of the first pieces we found and helped us come up with our turquoise/orange theme and the decorative box served as inspiration for the bedding.

Now for my most favorite room: our bedroom. Again, I forgot to take a “before” photo with all the old furniture, but you’re not missing much. Picture this: old carpet, a mattress and boxspring chillin’ on the floor, a 6 drawer dresser with 3 broken drawers…are you getting the picture?? Our room was in dire need of a remodel. I wanted it to have a DIY Shabby Chic feel and I think we did just that. I love, love, LOVE how it turned out and kinda wish I could hang out in my room all day long now :). Ready for it? Here. we. go!

One thing I hated about our room before was how dark it was. The dark brown wall brought the whole room down and I couldn’t wait to brighten it up!

See what I mean? Dark and Drab.

I wanted to go the totalĀ opposite direction color wise, so we tried a shade of orange called “conch shell”. We painted not one but TWO coats when I realized…”umm I think I hate this” LOL. It was WAY too bright (as you can see just from the trimming here). The search for the perfect color from then on was painful. I wanted to stay away from green since my office is green and the man cave is, but when it came down to it I realized that you gotta stick with what you love…

Behold the perfect shade of green: tea bag. I think I let out an audible sigh when I say this room completely painted for the first time. It was just what I was looking for!

Faith likes the color too :)

Okay. And now without further ado…our fabulous shabby chic/bird themed bedroom.

Our amazing headboard from Potato Barn. LOVE! Note: the vase on the left is just a “fill in” until I find something bigger and better :)

The view of our room when you first walk in.

Love the rustic wood mirror from Hobby Lobby

Flowers. They can do no wrong :)

These adorable little “vases” are DIY at their finest. See below.

The nightstand/end table on the left was a bit too tall so I had my Dad remove the bottom rungs of the legs. Which we then used as little vases :)

We adore our Craigslist Basset furniture find.

I first learned to make these pinwheels for a styled shoot. I adored them so much that I thought I would make some for our room.

I found this perfect birdcage jewelry tree from Home Goods. And the beautiful hanging vase from Hobby Lobby.

This bird canvas (World Market) rocks my world. When you look closely, you can see there are several little random drawings throughout the piece. SO creative. Can you spot the ice cream cone?

Lastly are some before + after shots of the closet. On the left you see the closet before the shelving was put in.

Our closet is now SO super organized. I adore it.

So there you have it. The Kokes 2011 bedroom remodel from start to finish. I can’t thank my parents enough for EVERYTHING they did. I mean EVERYTHING! My Dad worked tirelessly to make this all possible and my mom was a decorating queen. Seriously, thank you doesn’t seem like the right words to say. So if there is some other phrase that conveys MORE than thank you, then that’s what I’m trying to say. And thank all of you for taking the time to check out our little home tour. Hope I made you feel at home :)



  1. Sarah Martin says:

    Wow! Wow! and Wow!!!! I love it, especially your bedroom. It looks amazing! So that is what you get when you cross two creative geniuses. How much do you just love waking up in that room? Ahhh…wonderful! Great job Mom and Dad!!

  2. emily says:

    Everything looks amazing! Nice work all of you!! Can’t wait to come and see it for myself sometime:)

  3. Kimmers says:

    OH MY GOSHHHH!!!! I AM OBSESSED WITH YOUR BEDROOM!!!! Ummm… wanna help us??!?! LOOOOOVE your Potato Barn headboard too!!! AHHH LOVE!

  4. Connie Barr says:

    loved “touring” your home, and having a sense of what you like. I always enjoy your photographic creativity, and it is fun to see your decorating expertise as well. How wonderful that your parents made this happen with you!!
    Loved your goals list as well. I certainly believe you will accomplish these!!

  5. Yay… for finished rooms!!! You guys sure have had your hands full :) Can your dad come by my house now???

  6. Kelly says:

    i still remember when your parents helped move you into our apartment in papago park and you guys went outside to spray paint your shelves purple! haha! this all turned out wonderful!! good job and props to the ‘rent :)

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