Coffee Talk Monday :: Bringing (Coffee) Talky Back

Jan 26, 2015

Oh, Coffee Talk Monday.¬†How I love thee. How I miss thee. How I can’t for the life of me stay consistent with thee anymore! Am I even using “thee” properly?! Clearly, I have already gotten off track, so this should be good ;). I started Coffee Talk Monday (or CTM for all you abbrevers out there) back in January 2011. FOUR years ago! It was always such a fun way to touch base with all y’all every week. But somewhere between my now mommy-brain, lack of inspiration and just plain procrastination, CTM got lost in the shuffle. Well, my friends, my hope is to remedy that (cuz I know you’ve all been dying inside without your weekly CTM post, right?!). Yes, I realize that I have already failed you the first 3 Mondays of the year, but better late than never. Let’s see if I remember how to do this, shall we?!

Coconut oil is my jam. For reals. Remember the Dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (gosh, I hope I’m not dating myself) who swore Windex cured everything?? That’s how I am about coconut oil. The stuff is legit. And they now sell a HUGE container of my brand at Costco. These are the things that get me excited these days (#amIpathetic??)

Gone are the days of singing at the top of my lungs while I edit as I am rarely alone in the house now that I’m a mom. Not gonna lie, I miss belting out some Carrie Underwood, however, I’m pretty sure my neighbors and the babysitter are better off without it. Maybe I should just try it out one of these days and see what the reaction is!

Oh Lifetime Fitness. My heart beats faster for you (mostly because that’s where I do my cardio!) But really, Lifetime holds a dear place in my heart. I know that sounds silly, it’s just a gym, right? WRONG! About 8-10 years ago, that’s where I fell in love with fitness. It’s where I had my first job in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. It’s where Joe and I had our first date (true story!). Our relationship grew and blossomed and much of our time was spent there working out together. When we first got married in 2008, I was only working part time (and had a butt ton of student loan payments that were about to kick in), we realized that we had to decrease expenses and Lifetime was first to go. After almost 7 years, I am finally back at Lifetime and baby it feels good! It’s just as great as I remember it. And even though its “just a gym”, it holds a lot of great memories and milestones for me. From college girl who didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, to the girl who fell in love with the cute guy from church, to wife, to someone who learned that financial freedom takes sacrifice to now a mom. This place has seen me through a lot. I guess this really is my LIFETIME fitness (oh dang, I might have just taken it too far with the pun. Right?!)

I think guacamole is the greatest food on the planet. That is all.

Happy Monday everyone! Thanks for having coffee with me. See you next week!

Put your hands in the aiiirrr! Coffee Talk Monday is back!!




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