Coffee Talk Monday #71

Jul 16, 2012

Hey lovelies! I am back in AZ and ready to rock n’ roll.

My WI trip came to a close on Saturday. Goodness, it was such a great time. The trip was like food to my soul. Mmmmmm Wiiiisscccooooonsssiiinn.

You know what I love? Candles. Not the over-powering, fake-smelling kind, but the subtle, mmmm your house smells SO good kind. I just added new candle to the home this week and I love it. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that my home was full of 2 dogs, 1 man and no woman to keep it clean for 11 days. Let’s just say that the house needed a little help in the sweet smelling department :).

I need to read the Hunger Games. The end.

Happy Monday!



  1. Sarah 'Fritz' Martin says:

    Ok… miss you already so come back soon, and hopefully one of these times to stay. I too enjoy the sweet smell of a good candle. And Hunger Games… ummm YES you do!
    Love, Love, Love from Wisconsin.
    PS When do we get to see the pictures?

you said:

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