Coffee Talk Monday #72 :: San Fran/Sonoma Edition

Jul 23, 2012

Happy Monday my friends! Joe and I just got back from a quick little San Fran/Sonoma anniversary getaway yesterday. We only had two full days to enjoy, so we made the most of it. I’m kind of impressed with how much we were able to accomplish in such little time. Let me walk you through our trip.

We were scheduled to arrive in San Fran on Thursday evening at 9:30 but our flight got delayed 3 hours which didn’t get us into town until almost 1am! We stayed the night at our good friends ADORABLE flat right by Golden Gate Park. We were off to bed by 2am and got a bright n’ early start Friday morning.

We were stoked to get to spend some time with the Anderson fam. Lily and Cole are growing up too fast!

After breakfast, we walked across the street to Golden Gate Park. Lily wanted to show us the cool carousel and other fun parts of the park.

During our stroll, we spotted a turtle sunning itself. I was amazed at all the vegetation right there in the middle of a big city!

The early afternoon was spend playing ‘grocery store’, followed by lunch in the Mission and hat shopping. SO fun!

The rest of the afternoon was spent checking out as many spots as possible; Pac Heights, the Lyon stairs, Fisherman’s Wharf and Chinatown. We even got to see my friend Kelly who just moved to the city. Jackpot!

We stayed at the Galleria Park Hotel right in the heart of Union Square. It was adorable and such a great location! The weird thing was, our room was tucked away in the stairwell. Definitely the most unique location for a hotel room!

Friday night, another former AZ couple met us in the city and we had dinner. We were having so much fun catching up, I forgot to take any photos! Friday was definitely a jam-packed, AMAZING day.

Saturday morning we got up and walked to a cute little breakfast place called The Grove. The ambiance was totally my style and would definitely be my go-to spot if I lived in San Fran. The food was great too!

After we spent some time walking through Union Square, we picked up our rental car and headed to Sonoma. Over the bridge we go!

On our way, we stopped in Petaluma and had lunch at The Wild Goat Bistro. It was fantastic and absolutely adorable!

We arrived at Sonoma Square in the afternoon and did some wine tasting at Envolve Winery (Ben the Bachelor’s winery).

Then we headed to Jacuzzi Winery for more tastings. It was breathtakingly gorgeous!

We spent the rest of the day hanging in Sonoma and headed to bed early. We got up at 6am on Sunday and hit the road back to San Fran.

On our way back to the airport, I accidentally took us on a detour which ended up working in our favor. We had some extra time so we decided to climb the Lyon steps.

Then off to the airport we went and arrived back in AZ yesterday afternoon.

This trip was absolutely wonderful (although a little too short for my liking). I can’t WAIT for our next visit!

Happy Monday! xo, Stacy



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