Coffee Talk Monday #74

Aug 6, 2012

When I get tired I get clumsy. Judging by the red bump on my head from banging it into the countertop yesterday, I was very tired.

Joe and I do vacations a little differently than one another (understatement of the century!). Joe prefers the ‘get in, get out’ strategy; late night flight on Thursday, hang out on Friday and Saturday, early morning flight on Sunday morning. I, on the other hand, like to get someplace and stay awhile. At least a week! We also plan our vacations differently. I love to spend hours researching hotels and restaurants until I pick just the right one. I love to create a plan for each day and more or less stick to it. Joe, on the other hand, likes the plan-as-we-go approach. He seems to like it, so I thought we’d give it a try on our most recent trip to Oregon.

While I was a little nervous, I must admit that things did seem to fall into place, despite my lack of planning. For the most part ;). Don’t tell Joe I said this, but I admire his ability to just go with the flow. He doesn’t care if we sleep in a 5 star hotel or in the closet of a motel room, he’s still happy. In fact, the latter was how he spent Thursday night after his friend’s bachelor party. No joke! Even though we had no plans going into the trip, other than a wedding, Joe managed to make last minute plans to see both his parents and made sure we got everywhere we needed to be. I was starting to think that this plan-as-you-go approach wasn’t so bad.

Until we remembered…we were staying 2.5 hours from the airport. We had a 10am flight. Which meant we would have leave by 6:30am. The day after a wedding. And we had no ride arranged. Whoops! The plan-as-you-go approach lead to us booking a 5:30am shuttle from Eugene to Portland, walking 1.3 miles with our luggage in tow from our hotel to the shuttle pick-up location at 5am, changing shuttle vehicles once and finally arriving at the airport with enough time for a quick breakfast with Joe’s mom.

One thing’s for sure; Joe’s way of doing vacations always leads to some sort of memorable adventure. And even though it’s not the way I would ‘plan’ to do it, I gotta love him for the memories his way creates :)

Happy Monday!

On our way to Oregon

Joe’s motel closet sleeping arrangement

At our friend’s wedding (excuse the crappy Iphone quality!)



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