Coffee Talk Monday #79

Oct 1, 2012

Happy Monday everyone!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a proper CTM post. My life has been such a blur of airports, weddings, edits and adoption that its rare that I even remember what day of the week it actually is! But today I remembered that it is in fact Monday AND I made time just for you :).

I absolutely LOVE shooting weddings with my hubby. Not everyone gets to pinch their employee’s butt or give flirting glances back n’ forth on the job but WE do! And it’s so fun!

This weekend we were up in Chino Valley shooting a beautiful winery wedding. When we first stepped out of the car we heard this roar of cicadas coming from the trees. There had to be thousands and thousands of them. They were SO loud! Anyone who knows me knows that I am TERRIFIED of bugs. Like terrified. Even a cricket in the house sends me into a high-pitched squeal. It’s totally illogical I know but nonetheless.

With all the benefits that come from working with your spouse, there are a few not-so-great things as well. Say that said spouse decides to play a prank on his unsuspecting wife knowing full well that said wife won’t fire her own husband! The story goes a lil’ something like this. While I was taking a much-needed potty break, Joe spotted a HUGE dead cicada on the ground. After poking around at it for a while and verifying it’s ‘deadness’, he got an idea. A very not-nice-hubby idea. I told him to watch my camera while I was gone. Oh, he watched it alright! He placed said dead cicada right by my camera and camera bag and then sat back with his camera and watched. As I walked back towards him, I noticed that he had his camera pointed at me so I happily waved at my dear, sweet husband. Seconds later, I reached for my camera and squealed and Joe was there to capture the whole thing. When I looked back at him and saw him cracking up, I knew this was result of his doing. After I got done hyperventilating, we both shared a good laugh about it.

Although, I hope he knows that this means war!



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