Coffee Talk Monday #8 (2014)

Mar 31, 2014

That moment when you go to the hamper expecting to find an overflowing pile of clothes, but are pleasantly surprised to find out that you actually remembered to do a load of laundry. Hooray! Cloud 9! The feeling of pride and satisfaction is quickly replaced with a sinking, “Oh crap!” feeling when you walk over to the dryer to find that said clean laundry is not there, but still in the washing machine. From 2 days ago. I need my Monday coffee, anyone else?!

I finally gave in and watched Frozen for the first time. The musical lover in me is lovin’ all the new, happy songs that I now get to add to my repertoire and bust out randomly throughout the day. Bella is not much for sitting and watching tv/movies, so she wasn’t too impressed. However, she does like the “Wanna Build a Snowman” song and asks to see that part over. And over. And OVER again! Sorry, Bella, there will be no snowman building going on here in the ‘Zona anytime soon ;).

It’s the calm before the storm right now. For the past few days, I have been getting coughed on, sneezed on, snotted on and breathed on continuously by my sick Bella Boo. I’m trying to stay hopeful and proactive by taking my Zicam and Elderberry, but after you get sneezed on for the 20th time in an hour, you start to accept your fate.

I love Etsy (who doesn’t?!). Much of Bella’s wall art is from there. Today I wanted to share one of my favorites by Printable Wisdom. It’s so simple, but so perfect for her. It says “Hello Beautiful” (which is what her name means) with the most perfect floral design around it. Simple things that make me smile.

Happy Monday, everyone!




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