Coffee Talk…Monday??

Aug 25, 2015

It’s not that I forgot that yesterday was Monday, it’s that it felt like a Monday…on steroids. I thought about attempting a CTM post, but then I remembered that I care about you guys and didn’t want to expose you to my Monday night pregnancy brain. It wouldn’t have been pretty! Not that my brain is that much more functional today, but it’s an improvement.

Today, I made a big accomplishment. I was finally able to eat some vegetables! Hey, that might not seem like a big deal but ever since I found out I am preggers, I haven’t been able to stomach them. Nope, it seems like baby Kokes is a sweets fan, just like mama! But today, I downed some gluten free broccoli/egg/cheese casserole that hit the spot. Progress, my friends!

I hate changing light bulbs. Okay, hate is a strong word but I just find it so…inconvenient. Right now, I probably have 7 light bulbs that need changing in the house but I’ve been too lazy to replace them. Am I being dramatic? Apologies. I’m just keeping it real.

Joe and I are debating whether we want to find out the gender of our baby beforehand or not. Joe really wants to wait and I’m on the fence. I see the benefits of both. Who wants to make a case for waiting vs finding out?? I’m open to opinions and experiences!

I’ve been struggling with patience lately. Well, it’s always been a problem but especially now that I’m pregnant! It seems like forever between doctor visits where I get to hear baby’s heartbeat, get some reassurance, etc. Why is it so hard to wait? I saw this image/quote below and dang, it was convicting. Just what I needed to hear. Anyone else??

grow in faith



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