Coffee Talk Monday #83

Nov 12, 2012

I haven’t had a Monday feel like a ‘Monday’ in a long time. I remember back to when I was working a ‘real job’ as I call it, I use to feel the weight of Monday. The alarm clock going off in the morning. The drowsiness I felt as I drove to work. Oh yuck! I don’t miss that one bit. Since my commute to work has been a walk down the hall from my bedroom to my office for the past 3 years, I haven’t had to experience ‘the case of the Mondays’ very often. But today I’m feeling it. From the moment Joe turned the light on in our bedroom at 7:30am, I felt the familiar sting of ‘I don’t wannnnnaa get up yet!’ and really it hasn’t gone away. Fortunately though, I did not have to get out of my pjs and I’m still happily wearing them right now :).

It’s funny how things change as we get older. I remember when I was 16, I was ‘car crazy’. I was so excited about the idea of getting my license and hopefully getting a car someday that it was always on my brain. I noticed the make/model of every car I passed and made a mental note of what kind of car I hoped to get someday. I don’t notice cars too much anymore. Sure, every once and a while one catches my eye but it’s just not a priority anymore. So what does catch my eye these days? Stollers! I notice the make/model of every stroller that passes by me. In fact, at yesterday’s wedding I noticed a lady ‘driving’ an Uppababy Vista (one of the strollers on my maybe list). We had just finished doing photos of the bridal gown outside and were transporting the dress back inside to the bride but I had to stop to ask her…“So, how do you like that stroller?”. My, how my interests have changed!

Oh, speaking of strollers! I got a killa’ deal on a gently used City Mini off of Craiglist (surprise, surprise) for $120! I am one happy mama-to-be :)

Now that the weather is finally cooling down here, I am ready for my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. Perhaps I’ll have Joe take me there on date night this week. Or maybe I’ll have one at my consult tomorrow. Or MAYBE I’ll do both! Is that allowed?! Two PSLs in one week? Oh, my poor hips!

Hope you all are having a non-case-of-the-Mondays kinda Monday :)

xo, Stacy

Looks like everyone at the Kokes house caught the Monday Lazy Bug today!

(sorry about the Iphone quality)



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