Coffee Talk Monday :: Christmas Spirit

Dec 7, 2015

Happy December! Tis the season for cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies and I couldn’t be happier! I love ending the day with a Christmas movie on in the background as I work on Christmas cards, my online Christmas shopping or umm last minute CTM posts!

This time of year I get a bad case of nostalgia. I think fondly on all the Christmases past spent with my family in Wisconsin. It blows my mind that I am now all “grown up” with a family of my own and new traditions to experience. It all happened so fast. Watch out…I think the pregnancy hormones are on the loose! I’m feeling all sentimental over here. I just watched a video slideshow of Bella’s first Christmas with us and I about lost it. My girl is growing up so fast and soon we will have another baby girl. Oh, the sweetness!

Only 18 days left until Christmas. I hope you and your family enjoy every single second leading up to it! Happy Monday!!



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