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Jun 8, 2015

Happy Mondays, y’all! Apparently I’m channelling my inner-Southern belle today. Just go with it, k?

My weekend was jam-packed with things that inspired me. I had three shoots in the span of a couple days, but rather than feeling exhausted afterward, I felt energized. I was on a photography high. Sometimes, I’ll admit that photography can become, well, work. I don’t always feel inspired. After doing this for 6 years, I have to fight against just going through the motions. But lately, I have received a renewed spirit and love for this passion I get to do as a job. This weekend blessed me tremendously as I shot the first Beneath the Olive Tree Community Gathering, a maternity session and an engagement shoot. Each session was unique and different, yet all celebrating the birth of something new.

For me, I am rejoicing in the birth of this ministry God has put on my heart. For so long this was just a vision, an idea. I have journal entry after journal entry sharing my heart and vision, each time changing and morphing into what God saw for it. But this weekend, I saw those words from my journal in flesh. The Beneath the Olive Tree mission was no longer just an idea, it was being lived out and embraced by beautiful, godly women. As they gathered around the table, sharing about living life to the full, my heart could barely contain itself. As I heard them speak on what living BTOT looks like for them, I was brimming with joy. So, my friend, what dream, thought, vision has been on your heart? Is there something that has been on your heart, but hasn’t quite left that space yet? I encourage you, live it. Take the leap. Seeing a dream become a reality is a true gift and something I wish for all my fellow dreamers out there!

Side note: Tomorrow is a big day for me for two reasons:

1. It is my last day as a 20-something.

2. I will be teaching my first Holy Yoga class at Redemption Tempe. Want to come?! Here is more INFO.

That’s all, y’all. Happy Monday!

Lots of love to my BTOT Warriors!


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