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Nov 9, 2015

We had been planning the party for months. I spent hours scouring pinterest, ordering the perfect decorations and dreaming of the day we would find out whether we’re having a little He of a little She. Out of town guests were scheduled to come as well as some of our closest friends. But as God often teaches me, I must hold my plans loosely!

The day before the party, I got really sick and knew that the party was going to be a no-go. We cancelled the party and my out of town guests cancelled their trips. I was super bummed, but was determined to not let my unmet expectations steal the joy of finding out about our sweet baby.

Since we weren’t going to find out in a big group anymore, Joe and I decided that we would keep it intimate and find out between just the two of us for. So the morning of what supposed to be party day, we sat at the edge of our bed with ultrasound envelope in hand as my heart began to race. This was it! We were going to find out if baby Kokes was a boy or a girl! We took the ultrasound out upside down and on the count of three, flipped it over. My heart burst as I saw what we are having! Joe and I hugged and processed together as we took in the news of our little miracle.

Since we had been telling Bella about the confetti lantern for months, we thought it would be fun to reveal to her that way still. She still got to wear her sparkly gold boots and dress she picked out for the party and we still got to have some lovely photos of the confetti drop (compliments of Joe’s mom!).

So….are you ready to find out with us?!







The news of our baby girl is so thrilling! I was certain it was a boy and yet again, God took what “I know” and showed me that His ways reign! I have always hoped that Bella would have a sister as having sisters in my life has been such a blessing. I get to be a #momofgirls and I couldn’t be more excited! Looks like Bella was right all along!

We have yet to name our sweet baby girl, but have a few that we are talking through. Just like her sister, this baby girl is a miracle and I can’t wait to meet her in the spring!



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