Coffee Talk Monday :: “Little Wildflower” Baby Shower

Feb 1, 2016

I am still on cloud 9 from my baby shower yesterday. Seriously, it could not have been more perfect. The love of God was so clearly among us as we celebrated new life in his name.

For days leading up to the shower, the weather was uncertain. The winter storm was headed our way and plans for an outdoor wildflower shower would have definitely been ruined with 40 mph winds and rain. But God in His grace gave us the perfect day. 77 degrees and sunny with the winter storm arriving just hours after the shower ended!

And can I just talk about my dear friends for a moment?! With family so far away, moments of joy and celebration can be tough since I don’t get to have them by my side. To be honest, I doubted whether I would even have a baby shower. But my precious community rallied together and gave me the most beautiful, perfect shower I could have imagined!

Because Clover is my “little wildflower”, the shower was a wildflower theme. Every detail was beautifully and lovingly executed. I could hardly take it all in! And it all took place in my own backyard, among and beneath the olive tree.


The shower would not have been possible without these two, Teena and Kristina. Teena organized and hosted and Kristina designed it. I am so incredibly thankful. This shower was WAY more than I deserve!


Equally as beautiful as the shower details were the words that Teena spoke over me that day. I wish I could bottle them up forever. She spoke God’s word over me and Clover and talked about how beautiful it has been for her to witness God’s working through the joys and sorrows in our family’s story. She reminded us that EVERYTHING from God is a gift; even the hard times. And how it is even more precious that on this day, we got to gather to celebrate something so joyful as new life.


Bella and Daddy went on a date while I enjoyed my shower, but she came in at the end to present Clover with a gift she picked out for her. It was such a great ending!cloverbabyshower-55cloverbabyshower-58I am thankful for each of these women for loving us and celebrating so kindly!cloverbabyshower-60

I had to get a photo with my sweet friend Brit who is also a living example of God’s beautiful story of redemption. She is an amazing mama to 4 children whom she adopted and has played a huge role in our decision to adopt. Like me, God made HIS plans known to her by unexpectedly growing new life inside of her. Neither of us would have pictured we’d be pregnant and now we get to experience it at the same time together!


God is in the details. He cares about the desires of our hearts both big and small. I’ll leave you with this story. I really wanted to wear a flower crown for one of my two maternity sessions but due to lack of time, proper planning and creativity, I just never got around to it. When I arrived for my baby shower, Teena presented me with a flower crown handmade by Kristina and her talented florist roommate Malori. I couldn’t believe it! I had never told them that I wanted one, but God knew and He provided. Such a small thing that pointed my heart right back to Him!cloverbabyshower-78

Happy Monday, dear ones!

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