Coffee Talk Monday :: Longing for Fall

Aug 17, 2015

We kind of have an unspoken open door policy in our house. When it’s just the three of us here, we rarely close the bathroom doors, bedroom doors, etc. I’m not exactly sure why, but that’s just how we roll. Lately, Joe has been closing the bathroom door in the morning while he’s getting ready so he doesn’t wake me. Super sweet gesture. Apparently, he did the same thing when he got up to use it in the middle of the night and forgot to open it again. I’ve been getting up a lot more frequently in the middle of the night to use the bathroom now that I’m preggers and I have a hard time falling asleep again. So I have perfected the “keep-your-eyes-closed, try-not-to-trip-on-the-way” walk to the bathroom and so far so good. Until a couple nights ago when I slammed my face straight into the bathroom door that I assumed would be open! Not my finest moment.

Anyone else longing for fall?? I went into Hobby Lobby last week and saw all the sweet fall decorations and instantly started dreaming of pumpkin spice goodness, scarves and a chill in the air. Although in Arizona, it’s more like 80 degrees, evening hikes and being able to sit outside without losing 5 lbs of water weight! I’ll get a taste of the fall I grew up with when Bella and I head back to WI for a week in October. I can’t wait to see changing leaves and smell the fall air!

Since I melt in the heat, I usually take the summer to really slow down photography-wise. While I enjoy the break and summer travels, I can not WAIT for the photography season to start up again. Looking forward to getting behind the camera on the regular again as well as some fun projects I have in store for the fall!



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