Coffee Talk Monday :: Reflecting on 2015

Jan 4, 2016

I can’t believe that I have been going at this photography business for over SIX years now! Each year has taught me so much; about art, relationships, myself and running a business. Some years were marked by adventures, significant growth and accomplishments while others were made special by the simple moments of growth that happened within my own heart.

2015 was a year of embracing newness and letting go of past expectations/norms. As a 30-year-old wife/mom/business owner, naturally my life and business look quite different than it did when I first started this adventure as a 24 year old newlywed with boatfuls of dreams, passion and time on my hands. And if I’m honest, that has been a hard thing for me to accept. For 4 years, my business looked and ran a certain way but when I became a mom 2 years ago, things changed. My business began to slow down. I took on less work. I passed up on business traveling so that I could be home with my daughter. All of these were things I knew needed to happen in order for us to have the family life we wanted, but it didn’t always come easy.

Throughout this year, God has continued to show me that life is full of changes and seasons. He sets passions and desires in our hearts at specific times and calls us to different roles when necessary. I am learning to embrace change as it comes and be open to whatever He has for me.

Here’s some real talk coming at ya. 2015 was my slowest year photography-wise since I started this business. I brought in the lowest amount of income ever since graduating college. I shot the least amount of weddings since I started in 2009. How’s that for a highlight reel?! But you know what friends? 2015 was no less successful than others!

Do you know how freeing it is to realize that my success is not tied to my money and accomplishments?! Life changing! The expectations I had put upon myself were soul crushing and God knew it. He knew that I needed to be pruned. I needed to have the weight of expectation and cultural norms lifted in order for new growth to form. Once I began to let go of the bar that I was holding for myself, I was able to see the good surrounding me. And a good year it was indeed!

2015 was a year of “root-work” for me. The roots aren’t what everyone sees. They don’t have the beauty of the leaves or flowers, but they are what gives the tree it’s foundation and life. This year, God pruned me and set my roots deep in order for my life and business to grow healthier and more full. My success of 2015 showed itself in the relationships I’ve cultivated, the appreciation of each client God blessed me with, the openness to new opportunities and letting go of things He asked me to.

I have learned to appreciate each client that I photograph even more this year. Every couple, every family, every individual has a story to tell, a milestone to document and a reason to celebrate the season they are in. The fact that they chose me to do so is not lost on me. It is an honor. A beautiful gift that they give to me and I give to them. So THANK YOU to each and every one of you, for you have each taught me something about life, love and seasons.

Here are my lovely 2015 clients. Aren’t they lovely?

I love that each year has been so different for my business and that I have the opportunity to look back. Not to compare, but to appreciate the uniqueness and changes that life brings. Care to look back with me? Here is a glimpse into past years’ reflections.








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