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Jun 15, 2015

Confession: I eat chicken tenders on the regular. Gluten free, of course. I originally bought them for Bella thinking she would love them but apparently they don’t hold up to her mac n’ cheese standards. I, on the other hand, think they are┬ástrangely amazing. No shame, my friends. No shame!

Joe and I are terrible date planners. We usually don’t know exactly what we’re doing until we’re in the car and even then, sometimes we just drive in a general direction that we think we’ll want to go! For those of you who know me, you know I’m a super-duper planner, but my hubby allows me to feel free to just jump into the unknown. On Saturday, Joe took me out to celebrate my birthday. We got dressed up, hopped in the car and drove with an intention rather than a destination. Operation: gluten free dessert! We ended up at The Herb Box take-out market in Old Town Scottsdale minutes before they closed and enjoyed two lovely desserts. After that, we ended up in the desert, dressy clothes and all! We went on an adventure, venturing off the trails acting like high school kids in love and made a coyote friend who got a little too close for my comfort. Joe thought it was amazing, of course. Then we finished the night in our own backyard, looking at the stars from the new patio set Joe got for me. I love our spontaneous dates!

Happy Monday, my friends!




  1. April Maura says:

    I love all the details. What desserts did you get at The Herb Box?

you said:

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