Coffee Talk Monday :: To All my Dreamers

Jun 22, 2015


Friends, today I want to chat with all my fellow dreamers out there. Dreams have been heavy on my heart lately. Y’all know by now, I’m a dreamer at heart. But there are days and seasons when I don’t give my dreams the value they deserve. I don’t always believe it them. Sure I think it’s a good idea, but what if no one else does? Can you relate? Being a dreamer isn’t all fun and whimsy. It comes with disappointment. It takes putting yourself out there. It calls for boldness. There are seasons where we see the fruit of our dreams blooming, seasons of planting and seasons of drought. But, may we never quit dreaming.

I think back on how my photography business came to be. Do you know that I attempted two other businesses about 6 months before launching my photography business?! Yup, I was a wedding planner for a couple months and I started a faith-based fitness company. Neither one of those succeeded. But I kept dreaming. This photography business was birthed out of a vision of what could be. No worries that I had never picked up a DSLR before! Nevertheless, I  believed that the vision could happen. I stepped out in boldness and courage in an arena that I had no business having boldness or courage in, but within a couple months, I had a business. Here I am 6 years later, living out the vision that I dreamt up.

And remember that seed of faith-based fitness I planted over 6 years ago? It has finally reached the blooming phase as I lead people through Holy Yoga today.

So, be patient with your dreams. Be bold. Be courageous. Put yourself out there. Let failure be your teacher and give your seeds space to grow when, where and how they should. Much love to you, fellow dreamers! I believe in you and so does He.

Happy Monday!



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