Dancing to the melody of my own breath

Mar 2, 2011

My mind can’t focus. Too many distractions. I feel disconnected. unproductive. defeated.

My body hurts from sitting at my desk all day. I convince myself that it’s okay to step away from my computer. No work is being accomplished anyway.

I need to move. I need to breath. I need to dance.

My breath becomes heavy as I close my eyes. The ticking of the clock on the wall suddenly becomes a comfort rather than a constant constraint.

Inhaling. Exhaling.

In this quiet moment in the middle of my living room, I begin to dance. Slowly. Freely. With nothing but the sound of my breath as my song.

The weight of the world begins to drift away. I begin to remember what it’s like to just be. No deadlines. No drama. Just me, my breath and my dance.

Knowingly, it only lasts a few moments: the dogs still need attention, dinner needs to be made and the work still needs to get done. But sometimes a moment is all I need.

And I find comfort knowing that tomorrow I can once again dance to the melody of my own breath…



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