Emilie+Adam: Gilbert Engagement Session

Mar 9, 2011

Last Saturday Joe + I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Emilie+Adam and their 2 year old (soon to be 3) son Conner. The weather was gorgeous, the sky was divine and we were at an orange grove. Need I say more? Emilie+Adam had never had family portraits done since Conner was born so they wanted to have him in some of their shots, but still wanted it to be e-sesh focused. It didn’t take long before Joe was Conner’s new best friend. So while “mom and dad” went off for photos with “Miss Stacy”, Conner went searching for birds (his favorite) in the trees with “Mr. Joe”. This shoot had love written all over it! While I was quickly falling in love with this adorable couple, I was also falling more and more in love with my amazing husband. I mean seriously, how could I not? Watching him running around with a 3 year old with camera in hand so that I could focus on E+A. He had me swooning!. But enough about him, back to Emilie+Adam: apparently this was their first attempt at a professional photo shoot, but I had a hard time believing it. Emilie was workin’ it! Hot mom alert! These two are so fabulously natural together and were a joy to photograph. We are so looking forward to their wedding in May :) Lots of love, Stacy xoxo


Isn’t he the cutest kid ever?


What did I tell you? Model family!


Conner liked this for all of three seconds. Just enough to get a shot ;)


Emilie. Stop it. You are too much!


Random winnebago+willing clients= magic


I love the idea of a man leading his wife and family. Perfect.


Can.not.breath. Too.much.beauty!


No wonder your son is so darn cute!


Sigh. Nothing like family love and an AZ sunset.

undefined Em+Adam, you are fabulous. Can not WAIT for your wedding. Lots of love! xoxo



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  1. Emilie says:

    Stacy and Joe, I just have to say choosing our photographer was almost the hardest decision we had to make, but the moment we met you two we knew we made the right choice. I love that you get so excited about your work! You truly put your whole heart into every picture you take. We had so much fun with you guys and can’t thank you enough for such a great experience. You and Joe will be great parents someday :) You both are amazing and can’t wait to take you to the venue, I just know you are going to love it.

  2. stacylynn says:

    Em! Thank you SO much for your sweet, sweet message. Know that we adore you guys right back and are blessed to have the opportunity to get to know you AND capture you big day. So so SO excited! xoxoxo

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