Eric+Heather Stenbroten: New Glarus, Wisconsin Wedding

Aug 12, 2011

Love never fails. Those were the words that echoed throughout every facet of Eric+Heather’s wedding day. You could hear those words through the way that Eric’s heart beat quickened as he heard his bride approaching him for the first time. You could see them through the look that Heather gives to him alone. You could feel those words through the way that they make each other laugh. Those three words are what makes their relationship different and what makes their relationship worth it. The promise that “love never fails…”

Spending time with these two is nothing short of pure joy! The way they interact with each other and those around them just brings a constant smile to your face. Heather is one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen and it’s not only due to the fact that she’s gorgeous but also the way that she was completing beaming with excitement and drenched in love. And Eric? Oh forget it! He’s a goner whenever Heather is around! He is 100% USDA certified smitten with this woman. She walks in the room and you know that he feels like the luckiest guy in the world. They are simply perfect for one another, plain and simple. And I’m just lucky enough to have been chosen to document their story for them.

Eric+Heather, seriously, I just adore you guys! Your wedding was such a breath of fresh air and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed working with the two of you. Emily + I are grateful to have been there to celebrate with you both. Congratulations and many blessings! xoxo stacy

Heather wins the award for ‘best face while getting into a wedding dress’. Cracks me up! (image on the right courtesy of Emily Fritz)

She’s almost ready!

Eric was getting his game face on ;)

Seriously Heather?? GORGE!

Eric was so cute waiting for Heather: “I have to cover my eyes so I don’t peek” (image on the left courtesy of Emily Fritz)

Their bridal party+parents were watching the first look from inside. They had everyone crying, including Emily + I

“Wow, you look gorgeous…” Told you he is smitten!

Enter the most beautiful bridal party!

Gah! Could they be any sweeter?

I think she’s excited ;)

This playground is where Eric first told Heather he loved her. I love sentiment.

This bridal party knew how to work it!

I just adore their interaction with each other. So genuine.

They’re so much fun! (image on the right courtesy of Emily Fritz)

I’m just going to say it. I’m a huge fan of the candy bar and may have made a few trips there throughout the night :)

Poor guy. He has no idea what’s coming for him…

BAM! Right in the face! And Heather doesn’t look sorry about it. haha

But he clearly doesn’t hold a grudge since these photos were taken post-cake-in-the-face


Someone pinch me! Is she really my client??


Impromptu vogue session

The speeches were a perfect mix of laughter and tears. Love.

How many brides and grooms do you know who chest bump? Gosh, I love these two!

And I’ll finish with one that makes me smile. An impromptu dip towards the camera during their first dance. xoxo



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