“Excuse me, are you a vegan?”

Sep 11, 2010

This is how I was approached in the parking lot of my favorite market last night. “Umm no, I’m not”, I said with a slightly confused laugh. Parking lot vegan lady, “Oh, well I just noticed that you bought all vegan food.”. I then went through my small grocery list in my head: rice cheese, coconut milk yogurt, coconut milk ice cream and organic vegetarian refried black beans. “Hmmm I guess I did!”. So I’m not cool enough to say I’m a vegan, but Joe & I do rock a gluten free/dairy free lifestyle. Joe has celiac disease and I’m lactose intolerant. Then once we met each other, we realized that Joe is lactose intolerant too and I’m gluten sensitive. Aren’t we just a perfectly messy match?! So the thing that keeps haunting me is, what was the parking lot vegan lady going to say to me if I WAS in fact a vegan? Is there some secret vegan club that she was going to invite me to? Was I going to learn a cool new handshake? Maybe they’ve been looking for a 5’2″ blonde vegan to make their club complete! Sorry to disappoint you parking lot vegan lady, I guess you’ll have to keep searching. I’m just not cool enough for your club.



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