Feeling Nostalgic…

Apr 29, 2011

For some reason today, I got to thinking about technology and how fast everything is changing. As much as I LOVE my iphone 4 and can not wait to get my ipad 2, I can’t help but think back on the “good ole’ days”. The days when I had to fast forward to my favorite song on my Mickey Mouse Club cassette tape and when Disney movies were animated by people’s drawings not computers. I sure did love me some Beauty and the Beast! I think back fondly on the TGIF days. You know what I’m talking about: Family Matters, Step by Step, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and my all-time fave, Boy Meets World. Gosh I loved that show! One thing I loved to do when I was younger was scrapbook. That was back in the days of film cameras when you had to get the roll of film printed to see the photos. My best friend’s dad was always ahead of the curve and was the first one to show me a digital camera. I remember being so opposed to the idea. Kinda funny to think of that now that I’m…well a digital photographer! One thing we can be sure of is that things are always changing, but it’s always fun to reflect back on how things used to be. So here are a few of my favorite nostalgic things. What are some of yours?

Don’t you miss this poor quality? hehe


Do I dare admit that I used to watch this??? Hey, I was a little kid. Ghostwriter was cool ;)

This was one of my favorite commercials. I still know all the words!

I may or may not have had this game growing up ;)

Here’s to the good ole’ days xoxo



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  1. Tom Fritz says:

    Aww yeah, aww yeah! Ya gotta believe!!
    Did Becky and Jamal ever get together?

  2. stacylynn says:

    Haha I love that you remember that brother! Which got me thinking, how could I have forgotten to put an S Club clip on here? That definitely deserves some remembering! Love you :)

  3. Sara says:

    Okay, two things:

    Seriously, TGIF tv was one of the best parts of the week! Boy Meets World was awesome, I’m so glad to find out my sister and I are not the only ones who feel this way.

    Second of all, I did B&W film photography in high school and I remember being such a snob about digital photography when it came out, swearing up and down that TRUE artistic photographers would only ever use film. Good grief. And now of course I am shooting solely digital, with my film slr collecting dust in my closet (unfortunately…). I love digital, but there is still a part of me that wishes I had stuck with film so then I could grow up to be like Jose Villa.

    Love your coffee talk posts btw Stacy, very cute!

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