Frank+Megan :: Tempe Engagement Session

Dec 13, 2011

I could not be more excited that Frank + Megan are getting married! When I first heard the news, my heart skipped a beat. I first met Megan through her brother Justin and would see her around church with her little boy Jude. Then one day, it wasn’t just her + Jude at church, but Frank as well. Soon we all could see that this was going to be something beautiful. So on 1/07/12, these two will become husband and wife, mommy AND daddy, and a family of three. And my heart couldn’t be more excited for them. I love you guys…all three of you!


Enter Jude: the hippest kid you’ll ever met!

As if you didn’t already adore this couple, here are some ‘behind the scenes’ shots that will have you wanting to jump through your computer and squeeze their checks :)



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  1. Audra says:

    Wow Stacy & Joe. These pictures are incredible. You never cease to capture people’s personalities and love in your photographs. Of course these three are very special to me and I think you captured their love perfectly. I love the fall feel and I especially love the ones with Jude in them. I agree, one of the happiest kids I know.

you said:

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