Greek InterVarsity Panel

Feb 5, 2015

When I was a sophomore at ASU, my roommate convinced me to join a sorority. I was an Alpha Phi for a hot minute, but quickly dropped out after I realized that it was a really hard place for me to stay true to my faith. I was young and didn’t quite know where I fit in yet. I didn’t fully fit in with the sorority girls, but I also didn’t feel like I fit with some of the college ministry groups. College is such a vulnerable time and much more so when you feel like you don’t know where your place is. Through my own experience, I have learned the value of being surrounded by godly community where you can really be known, encouraged and grown.

That’s why I am SO excited about the ministry that my good friends Greg and Michelle Lindsay lead at ASU called Greek Intervarsity. It is an organization for students in fraternitys and sororitys who have a heart for Greek life and also love Jesus. Oh how my heart loves this! Knowing where I was when I was in greek life, I would have benefited greatly from a ministry like this. I am beyond happy to think that there are girls like me 10 years ago, who are finding a place where they can live out their faith in Christ and still be part of greek life.

I was honored when the Lindsays invited me to speak to the students, along with five other professionals, on the topic of “How to be a Christian Business Leader”. Looking into the faces of these students, my heart was overjoyed by God’s goodness. I never would have guessed that I would be involved with greek life again, let alone that I would be having the chance to talk about how to love Jesus in all areas of life to a room full of greek students! It was a beautiful blessing to me and hopefully to the students as well. I love what God is doing through this ministry and I am honored that I got to be even a small part of it.

To learn more about Greek IV, visit their website HERE.




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