Happy Belated Birthday Sister!

Sep 16, 2010

Somewhere between my 20+ shoots in Wisconsin and getting back into my Arizona routine of business woman + housewife, I have gotten a TAD behind on my editing to say the least. You know how it is. You make your to-do list, check off as many things as possible but inevitably things carry over to the next day PLUS the new stuff you add. I know you can all relate. Like yesterday, I had every intention of posting a sneak peek of my sister Sarah’s kids that I photographed at the end of my WI trip. Yesterday was my sister’s birthday so I thought “what a great thing to do for her birthday!” Can I use the “it’s the thought that counts?” LOL ¬†Obviously it did not get done yesterday, but I am happy to say that I am only a day late. Sister, I know that you have been anxiously awaiting your sneak peek, so here it is FINALLY! I love you guys SO much, and pray that you had an absolutely wonderful birthday. Miss you guys already :)



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