Happy Birthday to my Bestie!

Apr 8, 2013

When I was 8 years old, I met my best friend for life, Stephanie. From the moment we met, there was not a person in the world that I could have more fun with. We spent countless hours playing pretend, being creative, talking about boys and laughing until our stomachs hurt.

Today my best friend turns 28 which means we have now been friends for TWENTY YEARS! There is something so special about childhood friendships that stand that test of time. We have been through so much together; awkward phases, innocents crushes, broken hearts, moves across and out of the country, ex boyfriends, finding the loves of our lives, getting married and starting families. Steph just moved back to the states after living in Mexico for the past 6 years. Despite our physical distance, we have remained ‘besties’ and I know that will never change.

Even though I didn’t know much when I was 8 years old, I sure knew how to pick a great BFF. Happy Birthday Bestie! I love you SO much! xoxoxo



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  1. Jen Fritz says:

    Happy birthday to Steph! Awesome picture, by the way.

you said:

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