Heather&Eric-Engagement Session

Aug 26, 2010

One of the things I love best about going into a shoot is the unknowingness of it all. In most cases I don’t meet my clients face-to-face until our shoot. Sure, we chat on the phone or via facebook, but it’s when they get in front of my camera that I really get a feel for their personality. I always say that being behind the camera is like taking a little glimpse into peoples’ lives. I learn so much about a person, a family or a couple in those 90 minutes or so that I have them in front of my camera. My favorite is when I get a couple that is not afraid to be silly with each other and with me. Then it’s just pure fun! That is EXACTLY what Heather & Eric were: Pure fun! They had me laughing my face off the whole time I could barely keep my camera steady :). In that hour+ that I spent with them I learned that they live big, love deep and laugh often. And I feel in love with them as a couple. I am SO beyond excited to be shooting their wedding next summer: 7/30/11. But for now, enjoy some of their engagement photos :).



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