Introducing ‘The Little Black Book’

May 4, 2012

oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh MY GOODNESS!! I can barely contain my excitement…clearly.

This morning as I was working, I suddenly remember (excited gasp) “My LBB sample was supposed to come yesterday.” What followed was:

Jump up out of my chair. Run to the front door. Slight pause as I realize I don’t have shoes on. Quickly run back to grab flip flops. Run back to front door. Pause for a moment as I contemplate whether I will go outside in my unmatching pjs. Did I? Duh! Of course I did.

I went outside to find the cutest little package resting on my patio waiting for me to rip it open.

Ohhhh how I leapt for joy when I finally held the LBB in my hand. It is the CUTEST album I have ever seen. F’reals.

The Little Black Book (LBB) is the newest product to join the Beauty Boudoir family. What is it, you ask? A 4×4 leather bound album; it has all the class and quality of it’s ‘older sister’ but is discrete enough to sneak into your hubby’s briefcase ;).

I can talk about it all day long, but you just HAVE to see this thing. LOVES it :)

Can I just start by saying, how ADORBS is the little fabric case it comes in?

Mmmm mmm mmm, look at that fine, quality leather.

It’s smaller than my iphone. Way. Too. Cute.

Ehhhh and the photo quality is KILLA! I’m so excited about how my images look in this album.

So now you’ve meet the LBB. Don’t you just want to stick it in your pocket and carry it around with you? Oh wait…you probably could!

Want your own LBB? Find out more about Beauty Boudoir sessions at:



  1. kari says:

    OMG!! We have soooooo gotta get together! I was already planning on this as a gift with purchase (as a surprise… you know… overdeliver :)

you said:

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