Sep 17, 2010

They have been waiting for this day for years. It started out as a friendship, a beautiful friendship. She started feeling something for him. Ryan felt something back. But should they cross the “friend” line? This is what went through Ryan’s mind and then finally he took a leap of faith. Their deep friendship turned into a deep, true, Christ-centered love. And then the day arrived. The day where their lives would be joined together as one. That afternoon I asked Jenni how she was feeling. With the most sincere look and tears in her eyes, she squeezed my hands and said “I am just so ready to see him.”. She was beaming. She couldn’t help it. A bride was going to be joined with her groom and she was ready. Wow. It was beautiful. The whole day was beautiful. Jenni & Ryan, I pray that as you look at these photos, all of those wonderful emotions come rushing back. God bless your new life together :)



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