Jeremy+Alicia :: Sassi Wedding

Sep 6, 2013

The clouds rolled in on the morning of August 24th; a rare sight in the midst of an Arizona summer. Alicia and Jeremy anxiously and nervously got ready wondering if the rain would hold out long enough to say their outdoor “I dos”. What was potentially a cause for concern ended up being a tremendous blessing. The clouds shielded the lovely couple and their guests from the intense summer sun and created the most breathtaking backdrop. And yes, the rain did stay away just as planned! In fact, it didn’t start raining until the moment I got into my car to drive home. I smiled to myself as I thought, “God’s hand is definitely upon this day!” Watching these two basking in their wedded bliss brought joy to my heart and I was blessed to be the one to capture it for them to look back on for a lifetime.

Jeremy+Alicia, THANK YOU for letting me into your lives and allowing me to tell your love story through my lens. It was such a joy! Congrats on your new life together as husband and wife. Always remember the words you wrote to one another in the letters you exchanged. I may not know what was said, but I know that keeping those words close to your hearts will do wonders for your marriage. Cheers to this next chapter in your lives! xo, Stacy

Reading the letters they wrote for one another. Lots of tears!

Look at these two cuties!

First look <3

Photographing these two was like photographing a model couple! SO beautiful and SO full of love <3



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  1. Marla Wahlman Betz says:

    Just beautiful!

  2. Susan Hintz says:

    Oh, my word! These are extraordinary. Thank you so much for sharing your day this way with all of us who love you!

  3. Joanne Winter Meiner says:

    Captured as beautiful as I remember it!

  4. Barbara Jazwinski Gaskins says:

    The photos just perfect as was the day. The children so well behaved and did their parents proud..little angels.

  5. Diane M Simcik says:

    What a beautiful couple!

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