Joe+Kristin Hockenberry: Wisconsin Wedding

Jul 26, 2011

I first met Joe + Kristin last October at their engagement session. I knew instantly that their wedding day was going to be a truly special experience. The morning of July 16th has Joe beaming,”I just can’t wait to see her in her dress!“. He was ready to see his bride. The music played in the church as the bridesmaids made their way down the aisle. The doors closed and the anticipation grew. As the music reached it’s crescendo, the doors swung open, the lights in the room went dim and a spotlight shone on Kristin + her dad. It was the moment they had both been waiting for, and it couldn’t have been more beautiful. Their ceremony was personal and filled with sentiment. From their unity marriage knot to their first kiss as husband and wife, it was all so perfectly “them”. After the ceremony, we headed to the adorable Old World Wisconsin for our photos. It was a typical, hot summer day in July, but not even the heat and humidity could taint their love and beauty! The night ended with them celebrating their marriage with their amazing family and friends and enjoying their first day as husband and wife. ┬áKristin+Joe, thank you for allowing Emily + I to share in this amazing day with you. I pray that these images continually remind you of the love that you share and the vows that you spoke. xoxo stacy

We were cracking up over Joe’s shirt!

Kristin’s Betsey Johnson shoes were to die for! Love the DIY “I Do” on the bottom.

The crescendo moment that brought tears to my eyes

Tying their unity knot that represents each of them as individuals as well as God; all coming together for the sake of this marriage

The cutie bridal party (image on right courtesy of Emily Fritz)

The girls: being playful and adorable

Thank you Emily, for capturing this image and showing that people actually do think I’m funny sometimes ;)

The oh-so-put-together guys

They look so legit!

After that was over, I let them actually be themselves ;)

I was loving the parasols (image on the right courtesy of Emily Fritz)

The guys were feeling left out so I gave them a turn too! LANTA! you two!

wow! straight up GORGE!

Cowboy boots on a bride. Yes please!

AH-door-a-bull ;)

Loved Emily’s perspective

Kristin. You are angelic. (image on the left courtesy of Emily Fritz)

Gorgeous details

Congrats Mr + Mrs Hockenberry!



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