Kim+Devin :: South Mountain Promo Video Shoot

Apr 24, 2015

Friends, I am SO excited about what went down yesterday. So much so that I’m already posting about it today. Geez! Apparently I can’t contain myself. Let me start with some background, shall I?

Just over 4 years ago, I reached one of my favorite business milestones when I had Kale Fitch shoot my first ever promo video. You can take a walk down memory lane with me HERE. No, really, you should walk with me. Click the link already ;). To this day, I still adore the first video Kale created for me. It will always hold a special place in my heart as it symbolizes a lot in the life of my business. However, my business and my life have changed a lot in 4 years so it was time for an update! Without question, I called on my friend Kale to make it happen for me and while I won’t see the finished product for a few weeks, I’m confident he rocked it. Duh!

Now let’s talk about the lovely couple who graced my camera and Kale’s: Kim and Devin. These two also hold a special place in my heart. For one, I just adore them as people. They have hearts of gold and personalities that are infectious. But they also have played a special part in my business over the years as well. They were some of my first “models” when I was building my photography portfolio in 2010. Then in 2011, I planned a styled shoot using Kim and Devin as my models once again. You can see why, right? Gorgeous much?! Anyways, part way through the planning, Devin asked if he could turn it into a proposal opportunity. Oh, it was so lovely to be a part of! That shoot was also the first of my work to be published┬áby not only one but TWO blogs. So it only made sense to have these two as my couple for my new promo video. As always, they rocked the pants off of it! (Note: Just an expression. No pants actually came off during the shoot.) And we’re back…

So while I don’t have a promo video to share with you quite yet, I have this lovely couple to make your day a little more beautiful. And in the meantime, you can feel the excited anticipation of what’s to come. Holler!!!




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