Landon, Preston & Gage

Oct 29, 2010

Landon, Preston & Gage are 6, 4 and 2. You guessed it…these little guys had me running around and working hard. There was no “I’m cold” excuse going on with them ;)! Seriously though, these boys are sweethearts. Landon & Preston are brothers and Gage is their younger cousin. The three of them were ALL BOY! They wanted to explore, run, jump, climb…you name it! And that’s exactly what I aimed to capture. I knew that you can’t expect three boys to just sit still so I had to document them in their environment being their normally boyish selves. So here are some of the shots of the boys exploring, playing and yes…even posing (if only for a second). Thank you so much Jenny & Jeff for setting up the shoot with me, and letting me play with your sweet boys. Lots of love-Stacy Lynn



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