Leland’s 1 yr Session

Apr 8, 2015

Boy, oh, boy do I LOVE babies! Especially when it’s the son of my husband’s best friend. Joe and Chris have been friends since they were in kindergarten. They grew up together and have seen each other through so many milestones. In fact, I actually have Chris to thank for convincing Joe to move out to Arizona back in 2006!

Chris stood beside Joe as his best man at our wedding in 2008 and I had pleasure of photographing his and Carrie’s wedding in 2012. Now they have a sweet little boy, Leland, who is about to turn a year and I had the pleasure of taking his pictures. It’s so amazing when you get to walk through so much life with someone and getting to celebrate life’s blessing together.

Here’s to lifelong friendships, milestones and cute babies :).




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