Maggie+Travis :: McCormick Ranch Wedding

Jun 20, 2013

“So when a friend is trying to explain to someone about how Christ loves the church they can say, ‘Do you know Maggie + Travis? Let’s go to their house for dinner. You see the way they love each other? That’s how Christ loves the church.’ So you see, this marriage you are entering into today is about so much more than just the two of you. It is a picture to the world of how Christ loves us.” (words spoken at Maggie+Travis’s ceremony, paraphrased)

This sums up the way that Maggie + Travis love. They love because God first loved us, and their marriage points to that great love. Such depth, such beauty, such joy flooded their wedding day. What an honor it was to be a witness to that! Congrats to the new Mr + Mrs Currier!! We adore you two and are so excited to see how the Lord uses your marriage to bring glory and honor to Him!

xo, Stacy & Joe

Mama + Daughter moment. LOVE!

First looks are still my fave <3

LOVED the coral bridesmaids dresses with assorted necklaces!

What lovely, fun friends Maggie + Travis roll with :)

Thanks McCormick Ranch for the awesome backdrop. Palm trees, water, mountains AND grass? You rock!

The cutest cake topper ever!

Fave <3



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  1. Suzie Ryan says:

    Stunning! Thank you Stacy and Joe. You captured the spirit and heart of the day.

  2. Stacey Wylie says:

    They are beautiful pictures.

  3. Karen Nolen says:

    Great pictures of a lovely couple!

  4. Patti Ryan Tanner says:

    TRUTH !

  5. Kathy Ryan Lawless says:

    Gorgeous. Love these kids!

  6. Mary Anne Sterling Houlahan says:

    What a beautiful day – looks like a fairy tale!

  7. Ann Hester Kuhn says:

    Such a beautiful evening to celebrate an amazing couple! Gorgeous pictures!

  8. Karen says:

    What beautiful pictures of Travis and Maggie!

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