Marissa + Jeff :: Ahwatukee Maternity Session

Jan 28, 2016

If this couple looks familiar, it’s because I have had the pleasure of having them in front of my camera multiple times. First their engagement session, then their appearance in my first promo video and then their wedding. Now four years later, I got to welcome them back in front of my lens as they prepare to become parents for the first time!

It is so fun getting to see my clients through different milestones. Even more so when one of those milestones we get to experience at the same time! Marissa is due with her son just a week before me. So cool!

Here is a peek at their dreamy maternity session.

m+jmaternity-5Marissa, you are simply breathtaking. You make pregnancy look SO good!m+jmaternity-8m+jmaternity-6m+jmaternity-12m+jmaternity-16

Marissa has been journaling letters to her unborn son throughout her pregnancy. Sweetest thing ever!m+jmaternity-31m+jmaternity-22m+jmaternity-30m+jmaternity-34m+jmaternity-29m+jmaternity-32m+jmaternity-37m+jmaternity-39m+jmaternity-43m+jmaternity-46m+jmaternity-47



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