Marissa+Jeff: Scottsdale Engagement Session

Feb 3, 2011

I fell in love with Marissa+Jeff from the moment we first met at Starbucks. You know those kind of people who after you hang out with them, you just feel….good? That’s Marissa+Jeff. They brighten my day every time I see them. We had so much fun at their engagement session, so much so that I forgot that I was actually working. Instead, I felt like I was just hanging with good friends. Their love for one another is so real, so deep and so fun. The perfect combination. I can not wait until their May wedding. I’m sure I’ll be shooting through laughter and tears. Better practice getting my hand extra steady! Love you Marissa+Jeff :)

*Make-up provided by the AMAZINGLY talented Ashley Doran. If you need make-up for ANY occasion, you need to contact Ashley. She’s the best!

So perfectly natural together. Like peanut butter and jelly :)

Oh, did I mention they are as beautiful as they are sweet?

Sweetness galore.

Stop the cuteness…I can’t handle it! ;)

GQ Jeff over here…watch out!

A.N.T.M. is in your future Marissa.

How could you not love this girl? She’s the cutest!

Their sweet Ava doggie even came along for the fun.

Loves it.

Proof that I’m really funny…

…really, really funny ;)

Feelin’ the love

Slightly obsessed with this one.

Desert sunset goodness.

I am swooning over these. AMAZ-ing.

These last two might be my faves. So much beauty in their laughter.

Marissa+Jeff, I love you as much as a person can love someone they’ve only met twice :). You two rock my socks and remind me why I do what I do.

Thank you for sharing your love story with me and giving me the honor of getting to document it for you both. Can’t wait for the wedding :).



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  1. What a cute couple! Love how your captured them… and their dog.. lol :) -J

  2. What a cute couple!!! Love how you captured them, and their dog :) :) so Cute!

  3. Donna Read says:

    Marissa – This is Donna Read – your Grandma’s friend of nearly 60 years – and I just wanted you to know that you are still the beautiful girl I met when visiting your Mom
    some years ago.

    May your life with Jeff be filled with the love and joy you so deserve. I can only hope
    you share together as much happiness and my hubby Jim and I have for 47 years and
    counting! Love each other every day and night and never close the day with an argument hanging over your heads. And, if you live every day as if it were your last! I know God will bless you always.!

    :Look out Phoenix! Here comes the most beautiful bride a man could wish for!! Love your photos – you look SO happy!!

  4. Donna Read says:

    Love your photos-you look so happy Marissa and Jeff – stay that way and enjoy your lives joined as one.

    Look out Arizona – here comes the most beautiful bride of the year!

    Best of luck to you both!
    Donna Read
    Your Grandma Mimi’s friend of nearly 60 years and counting!

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