Melissa & Mitch: MARRIED!!!

Jan 23, 2010

I am so excited to finally get these wedding photos up for all to see. Melissa & Mitch were married January 2nd in Wisconsin on one of the COLDEST days of this winter. It was 16 below with the windchill to be exact! Coming from Arizona, I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for :). Now most couples would have probably thought that with 16 below weather it was pretty much guaranteed that we would be doing photos inside…not Melissa & Mitch! Melissa wanted the “winter wonderland” wedding photos she had always dreamed of, and I was so ready to make that happen. So, after doing some “romance” shots inside, we ventured out to downtown Delafield for so awesome outdoor photos. After we were pretty sure that we were nearing frost bite, we warmed up at Milwaukee Street Traders Coffee Shop, and then headed to the reception. I had a hard time picking what images to post, so I posted a ton :). Make sure you click on the link at the end of the post to check out their slideshow as well.┬áThank you Melissa & Mitch for making this experience so unforgettable, special & fun. I love you guys, and pray blessings of your new life together!!

Check out their awesome cake! Made by my sister Kris of Chic Elegance Cake Rentals & Wedding Design

Melissa & Mitch: M&M...get it? :)

Always love doing fun ring shots :)

She is breathtaking!!

Wow are simply gorgeous!

Mitch's expression when he looked at his bride walking towards him was one of the most precious looks I've ever seen


They kept stealing glances during the prayer and I thought it was amazing!

"I now pronounce you husband & wife!"

I loved this Dad & Daughter dance :)

I LOVE her expression

The sky could not have been more perfect

I'm slightly obsessed with this shot :) This spot looked like a castle!

Winter Wonderland? I think so!

I'm not quite sure what it is about this photo...but I LOVE it

This is my FAVORITE shot of the day

Hello gorgeous!

Slightly obsessed with this one as well :)

Click link below to view slideshow




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