Meredith+Kendall :: Couples Session Winners

Apr 29, 2015

Remember the winning couple from my Couples Session Giveaway back in March? The two sweeties who met and fell in love on their yoga mats and are now spreading the love through teaching yoga? Yup, those are the ones and I finally got to have them in front of my camera last weekend! Seriously, I could not have chosen a better couple.¬†They kept expressing what a blessing this session was to them, but as I guided them through poses that brought out their love, I couldn’t help but feel like the blessed one.

I always tell my couples that giving them good images is a given. That’s the reason you hire a photographer. But I strive to give them something so much more. I long to create an experience that they will take with them long after my last shutter click. My hope is to create a space for a couple to slow down from the busyness of life, to really see each other again and remember all the reasons why they chose one another. The images then act as keepsakes to remind them of this beautiful experience they shared together. They represent real emotions and genuine love.

At one point, during M+K’s session, I watched Meredith wipe tears from her eyes as she listened to the sweet words Kendall whispered to her. That is why I do what I do. It is moments like those that remind me of what a gift love is and how thankful I am that God has used photography as a way for me to capture that for people.

Here’s to love, my friends! What a beautiful gift.





  1. April M says:

    This session is so sweet. I love what you wrote about them and the direction you are going for sessions.

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