My sexy second shooter ;)

Jul 7, 2010

For a while now, Joe & I have toyed with idea of having him learn to shoot with me. I have been wanting an assistant/second shooter to help with weddings/shoots and thought “who better than my husband?”. He’s always been SO supportive of my photography; sitting there patiently as I show him all my latest images, listening intently as I share the latest camera techniques I learned, and even throwing out ideas for poses, props or locations. I could tell that Joe would be able to learn quickly if he wanted to. Not only does he understand the technical part of photography, but more importantly he has an artistic eye. He loves photographing from crazy angles, and comes up with some really unique images. Last night he made his debut at his first official shoot with me, and it was wonderful! Having my best friend by my side while doing the thing I love made photography even better! And more importantly…HE really enjoyed it! In fact, I’m afraid I’ve created a monster LOL. Be on the lookout for some of my hubby’s images. His goal is to have at least one blog-worthy image from each shoot :).

Having some fun before our client showed up :)



  1. Allison Helblig says:

    I can just imagine how much fun you two will have shooting together! :) I can’t wait to see some of the pictures from your first shoot together!

  2. Kimberly Joiner says:

    I LOVE you two lovebirds!!! How amazing that he is your second shooter! You guys will make one awesome, creative, and did I mention– HOTTTT team?! :) Love the pics! Your talent always blows me away! xoxo

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