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Aug 12, 2014

We met when we were just 8 years old and it was friendship at first sight. On that day some twenty plus years ago, I knew I had met my best friend for life.

Stephanie and I have shared so much life with each other. As kids we had wild imaginations and spent our days creating our own little world full of skits, dance and playing pretend. As we grew up, our friendship was strengthened by our shared passion for dance and our deep love for the Lord. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend to grow up with.

After high school, our friendship survived moves across and even out of the country. We saw each other through blossoming and broken relationships and the awkward phase of trying to figure out what the heck we want to do with our lives.

Steph and I both have always dreamed big, but especially Steph. I have never doubted her ability to achieve whatever she puts her mind to. She just has that “it” factor that sets her apart from a crowd.

One of the things we have talked about since we were kids is wanting to open a dance studio one day. While I still have a love for dance, my life took a different path. Steph, however, has continued to pursue dance and it has blessed her tremendously.

While working for a professional dance company in Mexico, she met a fellow dancer that swept her off her feet (literally and figuratively!). Her and Tavo fell in love and eventually had their precious daughter and got married. And that dream she had of opening a dance studio someday? Her husband had the same dream!

So two years ago, the three of them took a leap of faith and moved back to the states to work towards that goal. This past weekend, their dream came true!

My best friend and her husband just opened their new dance studio Everything About Dance¬†and I had the pleasure of taking their promo photos!!! I couldn’t be more proud of the two of them. Their hard work and diligence is to be admired.

Wisconsin friends, if you are looking for some lessons please check them out. Please check out their website HERE to get more info.

Way to go, Bestie! You made your dream come true :)





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