Our 2012 Family Photo Shoot Extravaganza

Jul 20, 2012

During my most recent trip back to WI, I got to do something that I rarely get to do: MY family photos!

In all the years that the Fritz family has been around, we have never had professional family photos. Unacceptable. We had to make this happen! So my sister-in-law (Emily Fritz Photography) and I teamed up to tackle this HUGE family photo task: my parents, my 5 siblings and their families.

I’ve always known that what I do is important, but doing this shoot reminded me of just how much. I cherish these images and can’t help but smile every time I look at them.

Let me introduce you to my amazing family…

Let’s start with the two that started it all, my adorable mom and dad :)

The first Fritz boy to come along was my brother Jeff. He recently married Rachel (my new sis-in-law!) and they brought little Skyler into the world just shy of a year ago.

Next was my brother: Dr. Jeremy Fritz. He’s a neurological chiropractor (aka a smarty pants!) and runs two Brain Balance centersĀ . His gorgeous wife Emily is like a sister to me and was my partner in crime on this shoot. I just love these two!

Then there is my sweet sister Kris and her husband Jason. I love this girl more than words can say. At only 4’11’, I call her my ‘little big sister’. :)

My sister has three gorgeous kiddos; Ashley, Mitchell and April. Fun fact: they were actually my FIRST models when I started photography. Thanks for pushing through the heat. I owe my career to you ;)

Oh my brother Tom. As kids he used to wrestle me during commercial breaks and fight with me on which tv show to watch! Good ole’ brother/sister bickering! Tom is soft spoken and really sweet and he married an awesome, full of life girl Jen. Together they have two of the most adorable unique girls I have ever met, Calla and Olive. These girls warm my heart every time I’m around them and I just can’t get enough of them!

Where to start with my sister Sarah? She is my feisty, HILARIOUS, silly friend. We have so much fun together being goofy. We used to rock out to N’sync and BSB together, make up dances and overall be big dorks. To this day, I know I can count on her for a good laugh. She’s married to Alex, she has 5 kids, all of which she home schools AND she’s a nurse. Straight up superwoman.

My 12 nieces and nephews. Aren’t they cute?!

Enter in ‘the Original Fritzs’. These images make my heart sing. Thank you Emily for capturing them!

The Fritz men

Nothing better than skipping in the park with my favorite ladies!

Sister love!

This is my family. I’m one blessed lady :)




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  1. Lucero Salinas says:

    biutiful love it!

  2. Connie Smith Barr says:

    Loved catching up with your family! Beautiful!

  3. Kristi Kokes says:

    Wonderful! Beautiful family and great photographers!

  4. Michele LeValley Feltz says:

    Thank you for sharing! What an absolutely beautiful family you and Kris share! Makes my heart sing!

  5. Jen Fritz says:

    These are so fun! I love everyone’s. Everybody looks so good and is going to be so happy with them. We had a few great chuckles: finding Kaylee in the grandkids, seeing Joe in the family shot, and Tom doing your dad’s “cool baby” alongside him in the mens’ shot. These are just great!

  6. Jill Henson says:

    Stacey – Thank you so much for sharing these picture for all to see. The Fritz family is looking happy and healthy!

  7. Stephanie Krystal Bentley says:

    WOW! That’s impressive… Who took the last picture? I was most impressed with how much mitch grew…. he look like a little justin bieber! hehe….. and Ashley and Kaylee as welll… that is one big family. Way to go Neil and Diane…. Love you all fritz family!

  8. Stacy Kokes says:

    Best, I brought a tripod and set up the shot then did the self-timer and ran in at the last minute LOL!

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