Well, I can’t believe that we actually did this! Y’all, we have been talking/dreaming about living in a house in the Tope with a casita for year. Like LITERAL years. In April of last year, two houses came on the the market right across the street from one another: one with a casita, the other […]

So, there we were. We had just bought a house on a whim to run as an Airbnb. What were we thinking? Now what?! A month full of online shopping, staging and photographing and BOOM we were live! Within a short time of being up on the site, we had our first booking. It was […]

Before AirBnb was even a thing, Joe has been talking about wanting to use our home as a way to make extra income (too bad he didn’t think of creating something like AirBnb!). I was not always on board with the idea, but for him, it just seemed so natural. We dipped our toe in […]

I LOVE capturing love like Alex and Colleen’s. Thanks for letting me document this amazing time in your life, lovebirds!

Springtime signifies new life and for Erin and Dan, that means their new life as husband and wife! I had the absolute pleasure of photographing their gorgeous Jewish wedding ceremony and Ketubah signing. The whole thing was so rich with cultural significance that dates back all the way to Moses. It was so SO special […]